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May 18, 2004

It's Tuesday! Where's my Camera?

A whole lot is going on at Randompixel, though most of it is behind the scenes. To facilitate these changes, I'm forgoing posting a new camera this week. Instead, I and the random pixies have been readying a huge new group of cameras to be released over the next two weeks.

To put it in perspective, the first release was of 7 cameras, in 1998, of which 2 came back. The second release, the 2000 release, consisted of 12 cameras, of which 5 came back.

The most recent release, started three weeks ago, was of 15 cameras. As of today, none of this latest batch has returned but, if history is any measure, the first cameras should be coming in any day now.

This weekend we prepared 51(!) cameras to be released over the next 10 days. This batch is larger than all of the previous camera releases combined.

On the website front, I'm working on a minor redesign of the home page, with the intention of giving more frequent blog-style updates, letting you know about cameras that have made their way home, recent news or blog articles, and an extremely comprehensive F.A.Q.

Also, I'm going to try out comments on a per-photo level, so you can let others know, for example, that there's no such thing as a 'notchback Mustang', and that it looks more like a '67 than a '65. We'll be able to see how it goes starting in a week or so.

So, to sum up: Randompixel growing. Tons of new cameras. New features. No camera this week. New camera next Tuesday.

Thanks for your support, and have a wonderful week!


April 20, 2004

A camera, alone in the world. Each Randompixel camera was given to a stranger. Stickers on the camera instruct the recipient to take a few pictures and pass it along. When the camera is done, it is dropped in the mail, it returns home, and the pictures are posted here.

This site has been nearly six years in the making. It started in the Fall of 1998 with six cameras given to complete strangers. Over the next two years, two cameras came back.

In the Summer of 2000 ten more cameras were released, each named after a friend. Emily is the first camera to be posted on Randompixel, a site that most of my friends thought would never actually see the light of day.

Welcome to Randompixel. Each Tuesday a new camera will be posted. be sure to subscribe to the announcement list or the RSS feed to be notified when the next camera is posted.